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Wed Sep 01, 2021
IPT Energy Expands in the Region, First Stop UAE

IPT enters a new stage of development in the region, and the first stop of its expansion is the UAE. IPT Energy is launching in the UAE soon, a step that reaffirms the resilience of IPT despite the exceptional, hard times Lebanon is going through. IPT's goal is to continue and remain strong. To this end, IPT Energy has acquired a new facility in the UAE and it will be specialized in the import, storage and distribution of oil and gas services.

IPT was established in Lebanon in the seventies by Mr. Michel Issa during the civil war. Since then, it has survived many challenges and continues to stand strong today. IPT proved successful in crisis, as well as prosperous times. Today IPT is a success story that brings to the forefront more than 50 years of experience in the petroleum sector.