Tue Feb 06, 2018
IPT "Bejjeh" station in Jbeil District, Newly Renovated!

What's new in our network of stations? 

This week, we feature for you our IPT "Bejjeh" station, situated in Jbeil district at an altitude of 1,800 feet above sea level, and may be reached by taking the road of Amchit and Mayfouq.

IPT "Bejjeh" Station is recently renovated to reflect the distinguished image of IPT, and the consistency of our products and services. It is your perfect pit stop to fuel up with IPT Gasoline "Quantum 98&95", Elf lubricants, IPT Diesel, and car wash... whenever you are heading to the remote areas of Jbeil. 

Bejjeh village has a great reputation for its arak which is distilled locally and imbibed locally. It has given Lebanon several artists, painters and sculptors, doctors, high-ranking priests, and notable intellectuals. There is a club for both sports and for cultural activities. There are many possible explanations for the name of this township. It could mean gardens, plantations and greenery, or water bubbling up from the ground. If the origin is Aramaic, it could very well mean green grapes, since Bejjeh has long been famous for its vineyards, the arak made from the grapes and their distillations. The name might on the other hand come from a tribe that came from a village in the Hauran of the same name. 

Use our online Station Locator to locate "Bejjeh" station.

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