Sat Oct 10, 2020
IPT, Always Here for You in Every Station!
The challenge has been tough this year with the combination of unexpected events but as they say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Our network of service stations is still growing as we continue to cater to all your needs despite the circumstances. Our aim is to be near you wherever you are. We are like a family helping each other in times of need!

Following the Beirut explosion, some of our stations were damaged. With the support of our team, we were able to restore all of them to keep offering you the best service possible. In spite of the situation, we continue to ensure the availability of our products to meet your requirements.

In parallel, IPT always takes action to protect its employees and customers, especially in these strict times. That said, we would like to assure you that each worker at our stations is briefed to keep a minimum distance between him and other persons, and well trained on the highest health and safety measures, including keeping their masks on, respecting social distancing, and repetitive sanitization of their hands, the station and the available equipment there. Have a Safe Visit!