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Mon Oct 26, 2020
An Inspiring Initiative at IPT "Saba" Station in Anfeh

Because the youth is the most affected by the political and economic situation in the country, a group of young women and men founded a committee a year ago under the name "Anfeh is our family" to unite all youngster in the country without parties or sectarianism.

They started carrying out many social and environmental activities to help people in need. Among those initiatives, they gathered last Sunday at IPT "Saba" Station in Anfeh with the aim of helping needy families from Anfeh, claiming "The Lebanese is capable of everything!". 

Their first activity started by gathering goods from the convenience store at the station so they could later distribute them to people who needed assistance. An initiative they had already taken right after the Beirut explosion. They continued by washing the visitors' cars for the amount the customers decided with Julia Boutros' song playing in the background: “Tomorrow your nightmare will end, and the sun will turn out to shine”. People gathered from all around the town of Anfeh waiting for their turn to get their car washed. The station manager, Gabriel Saad, said that he gathered all the proceeds of that day to help families in need: “This is how we contribute to alleviate the economic burden and financial hardship.” 

This initiative should inspire us all in coming together during difficult times. Read more


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