Thu Jan 15, 2015
In The Media: IPTEC-UNDP Memorandum of Understanding
  • IPT Energy Center (IPTEC) and UNDP held a signing ceremony on sustainable and renewable energy and eco-driving on Thursday 15th of January 2015 at the UNDP office in Beirut.
    The purpose of the agreement signed between both parties is to collaborate in several areas of common interests including a joint lobbying and support for activities related to sustainable and renewable energy, transportation sector and the oil and gas sector in Lebanon.

    UNDP Country Director Luca Renda highlighted in his opening speech that the collaboration with IPTEC will serve as both a lobbying group for policy reforms and an implementing agent for eco-friendly projects in the transportation sector in Lebanon. He also expressed the interest of the UNDP in enhancing its development activities jointly with the Private Sector.

    From his side, IPTEC president Toni Issa stressed on the role of IPT Energy Center (IPTEC) in supervising the achievement of IPT’s role in social responsibility and sustainable development. He also highlighted the importance of the MOU signed between the UNDP and IPTEC in supporting the center’s sustainable and renewable energy-related objectives.

    Out of the main topics agreed upon are to raise awareness on environmental hazards related to the oil and gas sector, tackle environmental and health and safety measures for petrol stations and natural gas prospective stations, update the standards of fuel in Lebanon, develop and disseminate the concept of eco-driving, and promote public transportation in Lebanon. 


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