Tue Feb 12, 2019
Gas Installations from IPT: Safe and Economic

Do you own/manage a factory, a restaurant, a hotel or a business of any kind? Switch to a safe and economic gas usage.

Following innovation, IPT provides you with the highest quality gas installations from a well-known international Italian supplier Antonio Merloni.

Our tanks are available in three dimensions 500, 1000 and 5000 Liters under-ground and above-ground.

You can order by calling 09- 624 111 or 76- 455 881 and our professional team will take care of the installation. 

Gas cylinders are also available at IPT stations with a capacity of 10 Kg and 35 kg.

IPT Gas solutions, worry less and save more!

Visit EQUIPT website to know more about our gas tanks and other items.

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