Sat Sep 05, 2020
Firefighting Live Maneuver at IPT & LE Terminals and Storage Facilities in Amchit

Committed to implementing the highest public safety standards and an efficient emergency response plan, and in response to the local authorities’ request, in particular the Qamacam of Jbeil, Mrs. Nathalie Merhi El-Khoury, and the Mayor of Amchit, Dr. Antoine Issa, and with the aim of ensuring that the company is fully prepared to face any emergency, IPT organized on 5/9/2020 a live firefighting maneuver at IPT and Lebanon Energy (LE) Terminals  in Amchit, in collaboration with the Civil Defense and the Lebanese Red Cross. 

The firefighting scenario included a fire entrapping demonstration, as well as an emergency evacuation of staff members in addition to a first-aid support administered to an injured person, in the presence of The Director General of Land and Maritime Transport represented by the Head of the Port of Jbeil Mr. Habib Assaf, and the Head of the Lebanese Army Intelligence- Amchit branch, Colonel Charles Nohra, the Head of the Lebanese Red Cross- Jbeil branch represented by Mr. Gabi Khalil, the Head of the Customs Office in Amchit Mr. Karam Fersan, and the Vice Chairman of IPT Group Dr. Toni Issa. 

The maneuver program included at first a documentary covering the safety & protection measures and sophisticated firefighting system at IPT and LE storage facilities, and a documentary highlighting the strict safety measures for visitors in both facilities, followed by an in-depth explanation of the advanced features of the installed system, as well as the well-trained and professional team ready to face various types of fires, accidents and emergencies. A tour was then taken around both terminals, storage facilities and firefighting systems, and was concluded with the implementation of a live firefighting maneuver. 

Overall, the working teams showed accuracy and professionalism in implementing the emergency response plan within the specified time and required skills which lead to a successful maneuver. 

Through this step, IPT proves again its dedication to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace that is compliant with the most up-to-date international safety standards and systems.

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