Thu Feb 13, 2020
EPT: The Solar Powered EV Charging Station at IPT

At IPT Sustainable Station in Amchit, all features comes in line with our Energy and Environmental Management Startegy (EEMS) for a responsible usage of energy in order to reach sustainability.

IPT introduced EPT, the first Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger powered by solar grid in Lebanon, available at its Sustainable Station in Amchit, with the below characteristics:

  • ABB Terra 54 is a multi-standard fast charging DC station enabling a continuous charging at full 50 KW power and complies with all relevant international standards.
  • The charger withdraws power from a solar grid and doesn’t rely on burning fuel to operate, making it a full sustainable solution for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It includes Chademo, CCS and type 2 AC charging making it the ideal choice to serve all electric vehicles in route, knowing that the typical time for a full charge ranges between 15 and 30 minutes.

To know more about IPT Sustainable Station read the brochure