Thu Oct 01, 2020
Elf Lubricants: Economy and Quality Hand-in-Hand

Lower fuel consumption, more engine protection, less wear... Elf has created lubricants to help you improve the performance of your vehicles and equipment.

With 50 years of experience to its credit, Elf lubricants are the result of a complex and continually evolving chemical process coupled with extensive research and development. This ensures you experience increasing performance, long lasting system life, and fewer visits to workshops. Listen to radio spot and Visit Elf page.

For businesses: 
IPT offers a comprehensive range of Elf products including oils and greases for industrial use. The high specifications of each Elf product helps you optimize the productivity of your machinery and improve your competitiveness.  

*IPT has been Elf’s sole distributor in Lebanon since 2011. Elf is one of Total’s most renowned brands worldwide. For info: 09- 624 111 /