Mon May 10, 2021
Clothing Donations Drop Boxes Now at IPT Stations

We are happy to announce that IPT has partnered with Banin Charity Association to install clothing donations drop boxes at IPT stations in Lebanon. 
Doing good has become easier! Now you can drop off your pre-loved clothes and shoes while filling up your gas tank at IPT stations.  
The clothes and shoes are collected by Banin and distributed to the needy families around Lebanon without any social, religious, or sectarian discrimination based on equality among all.  

The process: 
Finding the box: Find the nearest clothing donation box at IPT stations near you 
Donating: Drop-off your pre-loved clothes & shoes  
Collecting: Banin representatives will collect clothes & shoes from the boxes 
Sorting & distribution: Banin sorts out items according to kinds and age categories before distribution 


Find a box: 

IPT Station in Ashrafieh - Syoufi 
IPT Station in Ashrafieh - Geitaoui  
IPT Station in Zouk (Jounieh - Beirut Highway) 
IPT Station in Ghazir (Jounieh - Beirut Highway) 
IPT Station in Halat (Jbeil - Beirut Highway)  
IPT Station in Halat (Beirut - Jbeil Highway)  
IPT Station in Amchit 77 (Beirut - Tripoli Highway) 
IPT Sustainable Station in Amchit (Tripoli - Beirut Highway) 
IPT Station in Berbara (Tripoli - Beirut Highway) 

Let’s bring back some smiles, donate your clothes and give them a second life.  

"Dress the needy, warm a heart"