Mon Feb 11, 2019
A Valentine Full of Love with Mountain Mudd Espresso
For the love of coffee, Mountain Mudd Espresso is offering you and your partner its distinguished coffee recipes with surprises.

This Valentine’s Day, your life will be filled with love wherever you are! 

Pass by our kiosks on February 14 at IPT stations on both Halat highways, Amchit highway and Berbara, or our coffee shops at Ghazir and Amchit, and do not skip the chance to discover your fortune with every cup of your favorite coffee. Check album below.

If you are a Mountain Mudd Espresso lover, you must have liked our pages on Facebook and Instagram, so check our Valentine post and drag a comment using #MountainMuddIsMeantToBean for a chance to win 2 free drinks of your choice.

Mountain Mudd Espresso: Great Coffee, Great People!

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