Tue Jan 04, 2022
A Close Look at “Khallina 3a Ittisal”– 39th Issue

Ending the year on a positive note, IPT is proud to announce the release of the 39th issue of “Khallina 3a Ittisal” covering the company's major successes and accomplishments in the last quarter of 2021.

In 2022, IPT is looking forward for a fresh start, a new year that is full of commitment, inspiration and enthusiasm. 

In this Christmas issue of Khallina 3a Ittisal, find out more about the recent activities of IPT and IPT UAE:

. IPT expands in the region, with its first stop in the United Arab Emirates 

The United Nations World Food Program (UN WFP) chooses IPT as a fuel supply partner to help vital sectors

IPT and Fabriano's collaboration to motivate children through art 

IPT continues to distribute fuel to all Lebanese regions, with a focus on critical sectors

Equipt: petroleum equipment for stations, garages and industries  

Oil: synthetic or mineral oils?

IPT Diesel  

New Stations' locations  
Download the full version of "Khallina 3a Ittisal- 39th issue" and stay tuned!

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IPT Wishes you Happy Holidays!