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Thu May 11, 2017
Distribution Ceremony of the Micro-Loans by Michel Issa Foundation (MIF), Fransabank, the Mayor Assembly of Byblos, and Vitas

Under the theme "Together Towards Local Development in Jbeil District", "Michel Issa Foundation" for Local Development (MIF) and Fransabank in coordination with the Mayor Assembly of Byblos and Vitas, organized on May 11 the Distribution Ceremony of the Micro-loans as part of the program launched in 2016 to finance small businesses and crafts in Jbeil district. It featured the distribution of more than 50 grants and loans with 0% interests to beneficiaries from the region who need funding to expand their businesses in the field of industry, agriculture, commerce, services, handcrafts, etc... 
The distribution ceremony took place at Eddé Sands-Jbeil in the presence of the founder of MIF Dr. Toni Issa, the Deputy General Manager of Fransabank Mr. Philippe Hajj representing the General Manager Mr. Nadim Al Kassar, the President of the Mayor Assembly of Byblos mayor Michel Gebran, the General Manager of Vitas Lebanon Mr. Ziad Al Halabi, and Vitas Field Coordinator Mrs. Roudayna Rahbani Matar, in addition to the media representatives and key regional figures.
In his speech, Dr. Issa highlighted the role of the foundation in strengthening the capabilities of the local community, and motivating people staying in their hometowns. He congratulated the partners on contributing to the success and transparency of this program, alongside all applicants and winners. He then announced that the Micro-Loans program will become an annual activity that contributes to local development especially in rural areas around Lebanon.
Mr. Hajj shed light on the Corporate Social Responsibility of Fransabank and its commitment to financing small business through fast and secure funding to guarantee a better life for individuals and families. He highlighted the significant impact of such financing on reducing poverty, unemployment and migration to the cities.
Mr. Gebran highlighted the importance of this initiative especially that it revitalizes and revives the forgotten sector of hand crafts and individual businesses. He then assured the significant role of the Assembly in local development and encouraged the implementation of similar programs nationwide within a sustainable and integrated development strategy.
Mrs. Matar provided an overview about the field visits to the applicants' businesses and towns and shed light on the importance of social and economic development in those areas with a main focus on rural areas and individual businesses. 
Grants and loans were finally distributed to beneficiaries, and the organizers wished them best of luck and reassured their support to local development. 

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