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June 5, 2020

French oil company Total is expected to specify within six weeks the location of the well to be drilled by its subcontractors in Block 9 of Lebanon's waters, Wissam Chbat, board member at the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) and head of LPA's Geology and Geophysics Unit, told the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

“Total will keep in mind that it should complete its drilling of the well in Block 9 before the end of May 2021,” Chbat said.

Total drilled a well in Block 4 earlier this year but it did not find sandstone reservoirs such as those found in Palestine and Cyprus.

"The lithology Total found in block 4 exploration well had carbonated formation which could be a reservoir rock but these types of rocks need to be further evaluated since the drilling focused only on sandstone reservoirs," Chbat said.

Chbat said that commercial hydrocarbon accumulations may be present in Block 4 but in different locations of the block. Read more