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IPT partners with Latte Art to re-open the doors of drive-thru coffee kiosks at its stations as well as the coffee shop in Amchit.

IPT is proud to continue serving its customers and all coffee lovers through its latest partnership with Latte Art, a specialty coffee shop dedicated to this business for years.

We believe our customers will appreciate the ease and accessibility that Latte Art offers, and the great assortment of coffee, baked goods, and desserts. Latte Art coffee opens from 7am to 10pm at the following locations:

- Drive-thru kiosk at IPT “Berbara” Station: Berbara highway towards Beirut
- Drive-thru kiosk at IPT “Amchit” Station: Amchit highway towards Tripoli, near McDonalds 
- Drive-thru kiosk at  IPT “Halat” Station: Halat highway towards Beirut, near Infrarouge
- Drive-thru kiosk at  IPT “Halat” Station: Halat highway towards Jbeil, facing Infrarouge
- Coffee Shop at Amchit bifurcation, next to Total Station

* Latte Art is a specialty coffee shop in Lebanon. It started off as a kiosk in 2003 and now has several branches across the country for dine-in, drive-thru, and takeaway. Latte Art’s beverages are crafted using the highest quality green beans that are sourced from different origins and carefully roasted by their SCA certified roasting professionals.

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