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Gray MacKenzie Retail Group and IPT have launched their sustainable partnership to boost the national economy under the slogan "Partnership in Milestones”. This announcement took place during a press conference held at IPT’s main headquarters in Amchit, attended by representatives from both companies as well as members of the media.

The objectives and strategies of IPT and Gray MacKenzie Retail Group align through this partnership to offer enhanced services to the Lebanese community and contribute to the growth and stimulation of the country's economy. This initiative aims to elevate Lebanon to the same level as developed countries concerning its development and sustainability. The partnership will involve several projects, including the opening of Grab’nGo stores at selected gas stations, the establishment of an electric vehicle charging network at Spinneys, self-service fueling at IPT stations through Grab’nGo stores, and IPT fuel cards listed under Spinneys loyalty.

Furthermore, the Chairman of Gray MacKenzie Retail Group, Hassan Ezzeldine, stated, "Our shared values and goals have united us with IPT, aligning our vision towards achieving sustainable economic growth for Lebanon. Our aim is to elevate both sectors to the highest standards and meet the needs of the Lebanese community, ultimately reaching the advanced, economically and socially prosperous Lebanon that we dream of. Our partnership represents beacons of hope, sustainability, and a flourishing Lebanon."

Following this, the Executive Director for Issa Group, Dr. Toni Issa, welcomed this partnership, stating, "We take great pride in collaborating with Gray MacKenzie Retail Group, and today's meeting marks the first step towards establishing a sustainable partnership that will have a positive impact on the sectors in which we operate in, ultimately benefiting Lebanese consumers. This partnership underscores our shared values, uniting our two companies and reflects our mutual belief in the potential of the private sector. Through similar individual initiatives, we aim to boost the Lebanese economy and transform challenges into opportunities."

The meeting also featured a documentary introducing the work of both companies, highlighting their latest sustainability-related projects, social responsibility initiatives, and customer-centric endeavors. 

Both Gray MacKenzie Retail Group and IPT emphasize the importance of partnerships with the private sector, as well as the effectiveness of initiatives centered around social responsibility and green practices to raise awareness of best environmental practices. They consistently lend their support to individuals and organizations through campaigns aimed at assisting them in their humanitarian endeavors.