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A commercial agreement was signed between TOTAL Liban and IPT appointing IPT an official distributor of ELF Lubricants in Lebanon. The agreement was signed during a ceremony held at the headquarters of the General Federation of the Chambers of commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Arab Countries, on 5 May 2011, under the auspices and in the presence of the President of the Union of chambers of Commerce, Industry and agriculture for the Arab countries, Minister of State Adnan Kassar.

Dr. Toni Issa, IPT board member, stressed the importance of the agreement with TOTAL Liban especially that "ELF is among the leading brands in the world in terms of recognition, distinction, and quality and is one of the top superior quality engine lubricants worldwide. This partnership confirms the confidence in the Lebanese companies and their role within the Lebanese national economy".

In his turn, Mr. Jacques Souplet, CEO of TOTAL Liban, emphasized that the agreement with a growing company such as IPT is an opportunity for the prestigious ELF brand to expand its presence in Lebanon. Souplet said "ELF is one of the most distinctive brands at TOTAL, and is a recognized name in the automotive sector. ELF's strong reputation stems from the continuous success it has achieved in the cars racing industry".

On his part, Minister Adnan Kassar considered the agreement signed between TOTAL Liban, an international major oil company present in Lebanon since 1951, and IPT, a Lebanese company that proved to be a pioneer in providing innovative and quality services, solid evidence of the strong confidence the Lebanese and international private sector have in the Lebanese economy, despite the local, regional and international challenges. Kassar further emphasized that "indicators of the Lebanese economy remain strong and the prospects are very promising".

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