Fri Sep 14, 2018
Safety Comes First @IPT Stations

Based on the fact that safety is not optional at all IPT stations, we make sure to follow strict measures that ensure highest safety standards, to keep you, our staff, and our surroundings very well protected at all times. Here are 3 main safety signs/tips you should keep in mind while at the gas station:

  • "No Smoking" sign: Gasoline is a highly flammable liquid that releases vapors which can trigger an ignition. Never ever smoke, light matches or use lighters around pumps or fuel containers.
  • "Stop Your Engine" sign: Turn off your car's engine while pumping gas. Gasoline vapor that comes into contact with electrical wires while an engine is ON can trigger an explosion.
  • "Don't Use your Cell phone" sign: Why to expose yourself and others do danger just for the sake of a phone call while pumping gas? especially that  there is  evidence that cell phone usage next to gas pumps does pose explosion risks.