Wed Dec 23, 2015
Michel Issa Foundation Honors Gabriel Abi Saad, World Champion in Mental Arithmetic

Michel Issa Foundation for Local Development organized an honoring ceremony for Gabriel Abi Saad who ranked 1st in the “20th International UCMAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition” held in India, competing with at least 11,000 contestants from 55 countries. 

The ceremony followed the Christmas recital organized by St. Zakhia parish committee that was held on Wednesday December 23, at 7:00 pm in St. Zakhia church in Amchit, under the patronage and in the presence of Bishop Michel Aoun. The ceremony was also attended by representatives from Michel Issa Foundation and IPT in addition to a large crowd from the town.

Michel Issa Foundation and IPT congratulate Gabriel for his proficient mental arithmetic skills and wishes him more accomplishments and success in his journey!

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