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April 27, 2020

Minister Ghajar Says Preliminary Results Confirm Presence of Gas at Different Depths in Offshore Block 4

Water and Energy Minister, Raymond Ghajar, on Monday announced at a press conference that the preliminary results of drilling have confirmed the presence of gas at different depths within the geological layers penetrated by the exploration well in offshore block 4.

Minister Ghajar was speaking at a press conference held on Monday at the Ministry to dwell on the lastest  developments in the field of oil and gas exploration.

Ghajar pointed out that the final detailed report will be issued at a later stage after analyzing the data and samples acquired from the exploration well in block 4.

The Minister added: "As a result of the presence of gas in this well, the basic elements of a geo-petroloeum system were confirmed in the Lebanese Sea, but the existence of a gas reservoire has not been verified. Read more