Wed Dec 16, 2015
In the Media: Michel Issa Foundation Supports Amchit Municipality

Established in Amchit, Michel Issa Foundation for Local Development is an NGO presided by Dr. Toni Issa that works to enhance the capacity of the local community through the planning and implementation of development projects in coordination with local authorities, municipalities and the civil society.

The Foundation aims at strengthening the sense of belonging and the active participation in local development while highlighting the great potential and capabilities of the local community. 

As part of its development program, Michel Issa Foundation organized a press conference on December 16 at Amchit Municipality to announce the grant that it will allow to Amchit Municipality to build two new floors and restore the existing municipal building.

Through this commitment, the Foundation’s president Dr. Toni Issa assures the joint efforts of his team and Amchit municipality team for the advancement of Amchit.

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In the Media:

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