Fri Mar 13, 2020
Statement by IPT Group- 13/3/2020

Given the new dangerous situation regarding the Coronavirus, which is virally spreading, and for the safety and health of our employees, and in response to the campaigns calling to stay at home in order to avoid the risk of virus transmission and infection, IPT, same as other companies, decided to operate part-time and reduce temporarily the attendance of its employees at the headquarters in Amchit untill further notice. Other employees will be working from home to ensure appropriate workflow. This preventive measure will not affect the  delivery of petroleum products to the stations and customers.

In this regard, IPT has already undergone a total sanitization to all its premises, to ensure a safe and clean work environment. In addition, the company is reinforcing strict health and safety measures among all its employees, and stakeholders during their stay in the premises. Check albums below.

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