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Need a few items but don't have a supermarket nearby? Come to IPT. Bon Appétit convenience stores are available exclusively at IPT stations.

True Convenience
As part of its innovative concept, IPT introduces Bon Appétit convenience stores on key IPT stations to meet your needs. By bringing everything faster and closer to you, Bon Appétit convenience stores make your IPT experience a distinguished one. Enjoy a wide selection of food & beverages, fresh salads and sandwiches, in addition to "IPT Gift Card", lottery and cell phone recharge... all in a neat and modern look. Also benefit from a quick service inside the store and a functional and attractive display that makes it faster for you to find what you’re looking for.  When it comes to deciding where to fuel up, what’s more convenient than IPT. Bon Appétit!

Bon Appétit convenience stores are available at the following stations:

  • IPT Sustainable station Amchit 469, near "Berytech Amchit" Innovation Parks 
  • IPT station Achrafiyeh, Syoufi
  • IPT station Badaro, Badaro street-Beirut
  • IPT station Dekwaneh, near Centre Freeway
  • IPT station Zouk, near Empire Espace
  • IPT station Halat 322, Halat highway near Infrarouge
  • IPT station Amchit 77, Amchit highway bifurcation

*New Delivery Service from Bon Appetit at IPT Station, Amchit bifurcation. Click here to Know more.


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