Tue Mar 14, 2023
Take Control And Fill Up On Value

IPT leads the way in offering innovative and ground breaking services to make your journey worthwhile and lucrative.

IPT Self Service provides you with everything you need to fill up yourself your car, refill water and clean your windshield for a safe drive. All you have to do is to follow the safety rules:

Turn off your engine, avoid smoking or using your mobile phone.

To fuel your vehicle safely, follow the three simple steps:

.Pay at the Bon Appétit convenience store
.Select the nozzle for the requested fuel
.Push the nozzle and fill up your vehicle

Self Service pumps are available at the following IPT Stations:

Dekwaneh, Zouk, Halat (Towards Beirut),  Amchit Highway (Towards Tripoli, next to McDonald's), Amchit Highway Sustainable Station (Towards Beirut).

Check our Station locator.

 For more info: 09 624111