Thu Nov 03, 2022
IPT Expands its Presence in Koura District by a New Station in Deddeh

As you are exploring Koura district, we proudly present to you our new IPT Dayri Station in Deddeh - Koura

Our latest IPT Dayri Station is now ready to serve the residents of the area there who will now have the chance to access to our top Gasoline, Diesel, Elf Lubricants, and Car Wash. 
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About Koura
*Koura district in North Lebanon is particularly known for its olive tree cultivation and olive oil production; The olive orchards there are among the most extensive in Lebanon. It comprises a total of 52 villages, and its capital and largest town is Amioun, with about 10,000 inhabitants as of 2010. The district stretches from the Mediterranean sea up to Mount Lebanon, embracing on its territory the University of Balamand.