Wed Nov 23, 2022
Fueling Your Business Is Important To Us

Our well-established and fully-owned transportation network (including tank-trucks, trailers, closed vans, and other types of vehicles) is here to deliver various types of oil and to promptly handle maintenance requests.

IPT's large fleet is the basis for an efficient and quick transportation network. But what makes us truly stand out is our commitment to safety and attention to detail:

.Products are delivered to all corners of Lebanon in segregated and sealed compartments gasoline and diesel oil tanks in Amchit
.Specialized trucks equipped with positive Displacement Meters provide superior accuracy and preserve products' quality
.All the company's vehicles are equipped with a high-tech GPS system that allows centralized control to minimize road risks and incidents

We have an impressive distribution channel that includes a large number of organizations and businesses from diverse sectors such as factories, hotels, malls, banks, cinemas, schools, companies, universities etc.

We even help you cut down on fuel expenditures by periodically cleaning diesel tanks and by installing fuel meters for precise fuel monitoring, management, and quality test analysis.

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