Wed May 03, 2023
A Training Course for IPT Diesel Distributors On Safe And Clean Delivery To Corporate & Individuals Customers

IPT consistently conducts periodic safety precautions, customer service, and distribution ethics training sessions for its fleet drivers and enforces the implementation of QHSE Policy and related procedures in order to improve IPT supply chain and ensure effective safety awareness in its operations. 

On April 26 and 27, 2023, four training sessions were conducted by the QHSE Team in Corporate Governance Department in cooperation with the relevant trainers in Logistics department. The training plan covered the following scopes and objectives:  

.Diesel truck readiness checklist. 

.Truck driver ethics. 

.Basic rules for the safe and clean delivery of diesel to the customers.


.Safety rules that must be taken during the discharging process with relevant steps under the driver's supervision. 

.How to act in the event of fuel leakage/spillage during or after the discharging process at customer’s premises. 
.Tools and equipment for leak/spill containment and customer site cleanup 

This training is a part of IPT's yearly training plan, which seeks to uphold a well-organized safety culture and distribution ethics so that we can always provide our customers' needs in a highly   professional and sustainable manner.