Tue Jan 23, 2024
IPT Energy's 40 Million AED Investment: Pioneering Sustainability in Sharjah with Launch of IPT Energy Trading FZC

IPT Energy is embarking on a dynamic path of expansion in Sharjah, investing approximately 40 million AED to strengthen its position. The company's recent milestone, the launch of IPT Energy Trading FZC, signifies a significant stride not only in the realm of oil and gas but also in the realm of renewable energy.

This strategic move underscores IPT's dedication to sustainability and innovation. The event at IPT UAE Terminals on January 19th, in collaboration with Invest in Sharjah, was more than just a business affair; it was a celebration of progress, partnerships, and a collective vision for a greener future.

The gathering served as a compelling testament to IPT Energy's commitment to both business growth and environmental stewardship.