Fri Jan 13, 2023
IPT Gas: High Efficiency In Protection

IPT Gas Solutions are perfect for your home and business in many ways due to their position at the frontline of gas solutions and meet all market demands.

IPT Gas Solutions involve:

.Door–to–door distribution of propane and butane with capacities of 10 Kg and 35 kg, to stores and gas stations

.Supplying bulk gas

We provide aboveground and underground Italian tanks from Italian brand Antonio Merloni; 500, 1000, 1750 Liters, and they are ideal for oven, heating systems, chimneys, boilers, & barbecues, etc. known by their high standard and quality, these tanks are certified products that come with high corrosion resistant material, and are equipped with liquid and vapor phase delivery valves.

**As an additional precaution, all the underground tanks are created with an electrochemical protection system sized in such a way as to protect the body under pressure from corrosion for years.

**For optimal protection from the aggression of climatic agents, the aboveground tanks are protected by a two-component epoxy galvanizing primer and subsequent finishing with white epoxy-polyurethane paint.

With our extensive offerings, competitive prices, fast and accurate service, we are here to ensure you a safe, efficient, clean and economical solution.

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