Mon Jan 23, 2023
IPT Diesel: A Warm Winter

IPT Diesel is delivered straight to your door using the Italian meters to ensure optimal accuracy. IPT delivery team is highly trained to make sure that your delivery is set with the highest safety standards for you. 

IPT Diesel meets Euro 4 and 5 standards and is imported directly from Europe. It reduces fuel consumption, allowing you to save money. It also has a very low sulfur content, and significantly reduces the maintenance costs of machinery and engines.

The unique and concentrated fuel technology of IPT Diesel makes it an ideal fuel for water boilers, heaters, and electrical generators. It helps engines run better without undermining their long-term performance

This product is well made to improve fuel economy and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with its reduced smells in homes and residential buildings. 

Call the IPT Diesel hotline number to have your diesel delivered straight to your door: 76/733 337.

                                                                                                                          To place an order, fill and submit the Diesel Delivery Form online.