Tue May 16, 2023
EV Zone: Lebanon's FIRST Smart Charging Network For Electric Cars

EV ZONE is a pioneering project that was launched on May 4, 2023 under the slogan “Charge Everywhere”. The project brought together the efforts of IPT Group and Phoenix Energy in the form of a joint venture to launch the First National SMART Network of EV Charging Stations in Lebanon that will be available at supermarkets, major malls, hotels, resorts and gas stations all over the Lebanese territory. The EVZONE serves as a cornerstone for widespread use of electrical vehicles in Lebanon, helps developing the necessary infrastructure, and gradually increases reliance on clean and sustainable energy sources.

The launching ceremony at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, was attended by a crowd of political and industrial public figures, economic bodies in addition to the media, including ministers and representatives, Alain Hakim, Fadi Abboud, Jamil Abboud, Razi Al-Hajj, Amin Shirri, Ghada Ayoub, Ibrahim Al-Moussawi, Abdulaziz Al-Samad and Elias Hanakash.

EV Zone is the first smart network for charging electric cars in Lebanon in a model cooperation project, which constitutes an essential step towards promoting the use of clean energy sources and reducing carbon emissions and pollution.

The speeches were preceded by a documentary presentation on this project and an introduction to the objectives of IPT and Phoenix Energy.

In his speech, President of IPTEC, Dr. Tony Issa spoke about the importance of uniting efforts with Phoenix to place Lebanon on the map of countries that keep pace with the establishment of the necessary infrastructure for the launch of the electric car market in Lebanon.

MP Mr. Nehmat Frem pointed out that experiences have taught us to turn every crisis and every disaster into an opportunity and into success, and our goal is to have the largest recharging and charging network in the world, and thus be proactive in using the largest possible number of electric cars in the beautiful environment of Lebanon that invites us to be here.