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Transforming Gas Stations

IPT is here to redefine the concept of gas stations in Lebanon. Fuelled by innovation, we have already successfully transformed gas stations into attractive, safe and clean places where premium products and services are always available.
IPT carefully pursues a proactive approach towards today’s energy and environmental challenges. We’re here to find sustainable solutions for a better future. This has made IPT one of the leading oil and gas companies in Lebanon.
IPT’s constant commitment to professionalism and excellence has resulted in our winning several awards and prizes over the years. This is proof that we are a local role model that meets the high standards of international oil and gas companies.
Caring for the Environment
At IPT, we truly care about sustainability and protecting the environment. This is why a green approach is at the heart of all our business practices from our gas stations to actively encouraging the use of clean energy sources and minimizing emissions and waste that harm the environment.

Driven by Quality, Safety and Security

IPT uses the strictest quality and safety measures to ensure premium quality. This even extends to our delivery and all our products are delivered to you in exact quantities and on time. We have a Health and Safety Policy especially tailored to meet the unique demands of this industry. Creating a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and visitors is something we care about.

We’re always near you

With more than 180 stations all over Lebanon to choose from, you’ll always find an IPT station next to your home, office, university, or on the road. You can conveniently locate your nearest IPT station, wherever you are, by simply checking the online “stations locator” on the IPT website: www.iptgroup.com.lb

Explore IPT Products & Services:

IPT is more than stations and gas solutions. It’s a complete experience with many offerings and sub-brands including: ELF lubricants; fueling cards (GoGas, IPT-Byblos Bank co-branded Card...); Bon Appétit convenience stores; Auto Gadget car accessories; EQUIPT petroleum equipment stores; LaserWash; and Mountain Mudd coffee drive-thru kiosks and coffee shops.
IPT has tailored solutions for businesses. We know that corporate and industrial enterprises have special requirements and concerns. We also know that each sector is different and that your business is unique. Because of this, we offer you a comprehensive selection of products and services that empower your business, drive performance and efficiency, and even lower costs.
IPT provides solutions that keep your home warm, your food cooking, your electricity generator running, and much more. We’re here to make your life more comfortable and to ensure you enjoy modern conveniences.

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