We started our year in 2019 by renewing our commitment to the best business practices. We came one step further to achieve our vision & mission. we kept our promise and provided high quality products and best services.

IPT Group Holding got bigger, two new conglomerates are now on board. 

1- Fuel Logistics Co: a strategic Partnership with Total Liban with the aim of Fueling the Economy, announced Under the Patronage and support of the Minister of Energy and Water.
2- Lebanon Energy: We responded to the growing market demand by increasing our storage capabilities by 40% in gasoline and diesel in a latest acquisition of majority shares of the Lebanon Energy Terminal

We expanded even further to be your road companion wherever you go. A one of a kind addition to our network of stations: "The IPT Sustainable Station" opened in Lebanon in Amchit taking gas stations to the next level through its eco-friendly features.

We also were the first fuel company to release the 1st CSR report in the Lebanese O&G industry Under the patronage and presence of the Minister of Environment at IPT headquarters...

Watch video to know more.


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