Wake up and energize before you hit the road again

A trailblazer through and through, IPT was the first to introduce drive-thru coffee to gas stations in the Middle East. And we didn’t pick just any coffee. We partnered with Mountain Mudd Espresso which offers premium coffee on the go. Known as the “Taste of America”, Mountain Mudd is not an ordinary coffee. It’s a secret blend of nine beans individually roasted over an exclusive oak fire. Along with 20 different products, Mountain Mudd offers a variety of hot and frozen drinks with a coffee or cream base to suit all tastes. Mountain Mudd Espresso is available at IPT stations in a variety of ways: drive-thru kiosks, coffee shops, mobile shops, and waiting areas inside Bon Appétit convenience stores. It’s an authentic experience and all the kiosks look and feel like those in the USA. Mountain Mudd’s highly trained staff offer you fast, efficient, and friendly services.

An experience
You’ll always enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, frequent tasting offers, and great menu. Getting a much needed cup of coffee has never been more practical or delectable in Lebanon. At IPT stations, you can fuel up and energize yourself (not just your car)!

Mountain Mudd coffee is available at the following locations:

  • IPT station Halat 1601, facing Infrarouge
  • IPT station Halat 322, near Infrarouge
  • IPT station Amchit 77, Amchit highway bifurcation
  • IPT station Berbara, Berbara highway
  • IPT station Dekwaneh, near Centre Freeway
  • IPT station Zouk, Zouk highway near Espace 2000
  • US embassy, Awkar
  • UOB (University of Balamand), Koura 
  • Coffee shop: Amchit bifurcation, near Total station
  • Coffee Shop: Ghazir, Jounieh highway towards Beirut
  • NEW: Beach Kiosk, Provincial Del Mare (operational during summer)